Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Software Project Cost ManagementOctober 2006
The Open Agent ArchitectureJune 2006
Towards a Service Oriented Software IndustryNovember 2005
An introduction to the Kanban systemOctober 2005
Tsunami Warning System and their Information SystemsOctober 2005
The Role of Outsourcing in Information System IntegrationSeptember 2005


私の日本語スピーチFebruary 2005


Robin Heider said...

Good Day Sir. You developed a WEb app through your startup Warashibi calles the Tales of Sherlock J=Holmes(sic?) which you sold on Apples store, Failure of My Current Iphone has caused failer in the App which I cannaot get to run. Point of this communication is to find out the name of the reader of the stories in your now non functioning Application.

Please get back to me with name of narator please so that I may find his work again. Healthier then Sleeping pills. Your assistance would be apricieated. A working app would be even better.

Robin Heider rheider@rogers.com

Francois Nadeau (フランソア ナドー) said...

Good day Robin,

First and foremost, I am very sorry for the trouble that you are experiencing.

The name of the reader is John Teller.

As you are aware these audio files are all in the public domain. Here is a complete list of where these files can be downloaded:

- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes : https://archive.org/details/95513223/
- A Study in Scarlet : https://archive.org/details/95563213/
- The Sign of Four https://archive.org/details/shsof/
- The Hound of the Baskervilles : https://archive.org/details/95523209/
- The Valley of Fear : https://archive.org/details/valley_of_fear_kl_librivox/
- The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes : https://archive.org/details/95553202/
- The Return of Sherlock Holmes : https://archive.org/details/95533227/

They can also be downloaded from http://www.gutenberg.org/ web-site, which is a great site to find other audiobook titles.

At the current time the AudioBookPlus series is slated to be replaced by an other product, by the name of Aimitau, which will offer all of the books within the same application and the first chapter for free. This application will be released by the end of January 2016.

Thank you, and happy reading.