Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hibernate Tutorial

Tutorial 1 (Basic)Tutorial 2 (Intermediate)


Hibernate is an Open Source Object-SQL framework for Java. It is often used in combination with J2EE technologies as a replacement for Entity Beans, as these tend to be inefficiently implemented by most J2EE application servers. Hibernate can also be used outside of an J2EE server which makes it very attractive for other applications needing to communicate with relational databases.

Object-SQL mapping is a programming technique used in Object Oriented programming languages to manipulate data as Objects instead of using SQL commands. The basic mechanism used to implement this technique is the creation of Objects which wrap around SQL commands to allow the storage of data in relational databases. Other benefits of Object-SQL frameworks include quicker development, decrease of complexity, and Object caching.

The following is a short list of Object-SQL mapping frameworks available for various programming languages:

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